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2B Just Pencil course timetables

Brief description

Drawing course.Especially created for the novice. An exciting
course in learning to use pencil and improve drawing techniques. Unlearn everything you ever knew about pencil to produce drawings using different densities of line, and layering techniques to build different depths of tonality.

Course Outline

Who is the course aimed at?

This course has been designed for anyone who has an interest in developing their pencil drawing skills and observational skills. No prior experience is required.

Course description in brief

This ten week drawing course focuses on how to use the various different pencil values available to us in a standard pencil set.

Learners will start by exploring different pencil grips and then go on to study tonal and textural values that can be created from observational/still life work. All activities in class can be supported by independent sketchbook work.

The course will also include the study of composition, measuring perspective, and identifying a light source through the construction of a shadow box. The chance to develop skills using charcoal and other dry mediums will be encouraged.

By the end of the course I will have learned:

    About pencil value and gradient lines.

    How to create your own tonal value chart for future use.

    5 ways to hold a pencil.

    How to add tone, texture and perspective to your drawing.

    How to create a still life to incorporate light, shadow, and reflection.

    Use other mediums such as charcoal, stumps and putty rubbers to create contrast in tone.

    To be confident in class discussions and give meaningful feedback.

    How to keep a working sketchbook for reference and observational work.

    How to observe art in real life situations such as a gallery setting.

Do I need any skills, experience or qualifications before I join the course?

You do not have to have any previous experience to enrol on the course. The course is for anyone who has an interest in art and would like to develop their artistic skills. You will be offered help and guidance throughout the course to ensure that you are reaching your potential and progressing at your own pace.

What equipment will I need for the course?

All the equipment you will need will be provided on the course, including a good quality sketchbook. It is advisable that you buy your own pencil set that range from 2H to 2B and these can be bought at college. If however, you would like to purchase all the basic equipment needed before the course begins, then the list is as follows;

Standard pencil set



Putty rubber

Transparent ruler

Transparent set square

Quinks black ink

Indian ink in various colours

Pritt stick or similar

What materials will I need for the course?

Your tutor will discuss this with you at the beginning of the course.

What activities will I take part in and how will my course be structured?

The course is run over a period of ten weeks in a friendly supportive environment. All learners will be given instruction from the class tutor and encouraged to share their ideas with fellow learners in class discussions and to give and receive feedback.

You will experience different teaching and learning methods to help encourage and engage you in your learning. These will include digital imagery, watching video clips, tutor demonstrations and a range of practical projects and activities including still life drawing.

Each week the class will begin with a recap of the previous lesson before introducing you to a new topic or process.

What will be expected of me in terms of personal or time commitment?

The course sessions are two hours long per week and last for a period of ten weeks. You will be expected to attend the full course and although it is not compulsory, it will benefit you greatly to practice techniques at home, gather evidence in your sketchbook and visit galleries and exhibitions to support your learning. Your course tutor will be able to show you sketchbook examples and will be able to offer you guidance in this area.

How will my learning be assessed and reviewed?

Your tutor will continually assess your progress to ensure that you are getting the most out of the course. At the end of each lesson you will have the chance to participate in class discussions and give feedback. Each week you must fill out a weekly log which will state what you have been taught and what you have learnt, these logs, together with your self-assessment forms will ensure that you are reaching the course aims and your own personal goals.

What could I go on to do after I have finished the course?

After you have completed the course, you may want to continue improving your drawing skills and so it will be possible for you to enrol again for another ten weeks. However, you may want to look at the college prospectus and try another arts course such as portraiture, watercolour or ceramics course. You can also speak to your tutor about other courses available and access our Advice and Guidance Service.

How will I say what I think about the course?

At the end of the course you will be asked to kindly fill out a simple feedback form. Your course tutor is available for you to talk to during class. However, if there is a matter of concern and you would like to talk to someone about a confidential matter then appointments can be made at reception to see a learning support manager or an advice and guidance worker.

Available timetables for this course

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Course Ref Hours per week Days(s) Time Course Dates Costs
S505c 2.5 Wednesday 10am – 12:30pm 1 May to 26 Jun 2019 (8 weeks) Full rate £121.00; R rate £93.00; A rate £65.00 (funder_code:S)

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