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French – Beginners course timetables

Brief description

A French course to learn the basics e.g. directions, shopping, ordering food etc.

Course Outline

Who is the course aimed at?

Learners who have no experience with French at all and those who want to brush up their school French.

Course description in brief

Saying hello and goodbye, introducing yourself and others, numbers, nationality, ordering food and drink, prices and money, directions and booking a room.

By the end of the course I will have learned:

    Communicate in basic French with native speakers and have gained in confidence to do so.

Do I need any skills, experience or qualifications before I join the course?


What equipment will I need for the course?

Pen and paper if you want to take notes.

What materials will I need for the course?


What activities will I take part in and how will my course be structured?

A main theme is explored each week with added extras around the main theme. The main emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills. You will take part in speaking and listening activities around the themes as well as role playing scenarios and playing games too.

What will be expected of me in terms of personal or time commitment?

To attend the course regularly and to inform reception if you are unable to attend a session.

How will my learning be assessed and reviewed?

The tutor reviews each session individually in writing on a student tracker. Each learner self assess as well so they can inform the tutor how they feel they are doing. There are also checkpoints as we progress to check learning.

What could I go on to do after I have finished the course?

You could re-enrol for the French course so you can continue to progress in your learning.

How will I say what I think about the course?

You will fill in a tracking sheet each week where you can let the tutor know how you feel about things. Is the pace too fast too slow, did you struggle with a particular aspect and need more input etc.

There is also a feedback form provided by Swarthmore Education Centre at the end of a course where you can express your thoughts and feelings.

Available timetables for this course

Please make a note of the course Ref for the course you are interested in.

Course Ref Hours per week Days(s) Time Course Dates Costs
L430a 2 Monday 10:30am – 12:30pm 24 Sep to 3 Dec 2018 (10 weeks) Full rate £65.00; R rate £21.00; A rate £5.00 (funder_code:L)
S431a 2 Tuesday 6:30pm – 8:30pm 25 Sep to 4 Dec 2018 (10 weeks) Full rate £112.00; R rate £84.00; A rate £56.00 (funder_code:S)

Course Funding

Swarthmore provides a variety of courses some of which are subsidised by public funding.

Courses with course codes pre-fixed by a letter ‘F’, ‘L’ or ‘N’ are subsidised and have age restrictions.

  • ‘F’: courses are accredited and are funded by the ‘Skills Funding Agency’ for those aged 16 and over.
  • ‘L’ & ‘N’ courses for those aged 19 and over.
  • ‘L’ courses are supported by Leeds City Council for Leeds Metropolitan area residents, priority given to those living in disadvantaged areas, people not in employment and/or in receipt of benefits, those with low skills, no qualifications, disadvantaged groups or individuals with specific needs e.g. lone parents, BAME groups, adults with LDD.

For information funding and eligibility see the ‘costs’ page.

Unless stated otherwise - all courses take place at Swarthmore Education Centre Leeds

What next?

To enrol in a course complete the enrolment form on the download page using the correct course reference (Course Ref) from above.