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Yoga (for health & relaxation) course timetables

Brief description

Yoga course. An ideal way of promoting well being through improvements in body posture, increased stamina, relieving stress and developing relaxation and exercise techniques.

Course Outline

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone who wants to practice yoga

Course description in brief

To teach you how to practise yoga postures correctly.

To help you begin to understand and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of practising yoga.

By the end of the course I will have learned:

    *Gained familiarity with the yoga postures on the introductory syllabus of the BKS Iyengar Yoga Teachers Association.

    *More strength, flexibility, and a better sense of balance.

    *Basic awareness of the breath and its relationship to the postures.

    *An idea of how to structure a sequence of postures for home practise.

Do I need any skills, experience or qualifications before I join the course?


What equipment will I need for the course?

A sticky mat, blocks and belts will be provided. It is useful to bring a blanket.

Wear loose fitting clothes

Other Information I might need to know:

  • It is not advisable to eat directly before a class. The guidelines are:

4 hours after a heavy meal before practising

2 hours after a light meal before practising

  • The Tutor needs to be aware of any medical problems you may have


What materials will I need for the course?


What activities will I take part in and how will my course be structured?

Yoga postures will be demonstrated, then verbal instruction will be given so you can do the postures.

The tutor may manually adjust you to help you get the correct alignment.

Each class will be organised around a theme, (eg standing postures, balance, breath awareness) and will include both strenuous and relaxing postures.

The classes will be progressive over the course of the year.

What will be expected of me in terms of personal or time commitment?

* You need to attend the class regularly and let us know when you are unable to come.

* It would be helpful if you practised at home! Your tutor will give you suggestions for homework

How will my learning be assessed and reviewed?

The teacher will give you feedback as the term progresses. You will be asked what you hope to get out of coming to the classes, and this will be discussed with you as the term progresses

What could I go on to do after I have finished the course?

More yoga!

You will be able to work at your own level, so you can continue to attend as long as you wish. You could also join yoga classes in other venues, explore different types of yoga or try similar activities eg t’ai chi, pilates

How will I say what I think about the course?

* You can give the tutor verbal feedback at any time, before, during or after the class, and written feedback will be collected half way through the course and at the end.

* You can talk to a manager or an Advice & Guidance worker – ask for an appointment at reception.

Available timetables for this course

Please make a note of the course Ref for the course you are interested in.

Course Ref Hours per week Days(s) Time Course Dates Costs
S805b 1.5 Wednesday 5:45pm – 7:15pm 9 Jan to 20 Mar 2019 (10 weeks) Full rate £84.00; R rate £63.00; A rate £42.00 (funder_code:S)
L804b 1 Thursday 2pm – 3pm 10 Jan to 21 Mar 2019 (10 weeks) Full rate £33.00; R rate £11.00; A rate £5.00 (funder_code:L)

Course Funding

Swarthmore provides a variety of courses some of which are subsidised by public funding.

Courses with course codes pre-fixed by a letter ‘F’, ‘L’ or ‘N’ are subsidised and have age restrictions.

  • ‘F’: courses are accredited and are funded by the ‘Skills Funding Agency’ for those aged 16 and over.
  • ‘L’ & ‘N’ courses for those aged 19 and over.
  • ‘L’ courses are supported by Leeds City Council for Leeds Metropolitan area residents, priority given to those living in disadvantaged areas, people not in employment and/or in receipt of benefits, those with low skills, no qualifications, disadvantaged groups or individuals with specific needs e.g. lone parents, BAME groups, adults with LDD.

For information funding and eligibility see the ‘costs’ page.

Unless stated otherwise - all courses take place at Swarthmore Education Centre Leeds

What next?

To enrol in a course complete the enrolment form on the download page using the correct course reference (Course Ref) from above.