Swarthmore Art Club

(Added 4/06/20 )

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Welcome to Swarthmore Art Club!

Every Thursday we will be posting a new activity that anybody can take part in, you have until 8pm on Sunday to share your work with us to be placed in our online gallery and shared on social media. You can share your work with us either through Instagram  , Facebook or email Jodie.stott@swarthmore.org.uk

If you are sharing on social media don’t forget to tag us and ad the #swarthmoreartclub so we can find your work.


Week 1 Zentangle 04/06/2020

This week we are going to show you that anybody can be creative and take part in art club, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper.

pen and paper


We will be producing Zentangles, Zentangles are miniature pieces of unplanned, abstract, black and white art created in small squares. You can either draw your own squares or you can download our template here.



zentangel grid


This is a fun and relaxing exercise. Have fun and see what patterns you can create, why not pick your favorite pattern and create one large creation.


large zentangle

Or add your patterns different shapes or objects

Lighthouse by the sea is an adult coloring page which is part of a series of ocean/beach theme pieces. Download today and add some color to this scene by the sea. 8x10 digital download

Image by Swirly Q designs


Don’t forget to share your creations before 8pm on Sunday to be featured in our online gallery! Tag us, share and #swarthmoreartclub