Swarthmore Art Club

(Added 11/06/20 )

swarthmore art club

Welcome to Swarthmore Art Club!

Every Thursday we will be posting a new activity that anybody can take part in, you have until 8pm on Sunday to share your work with us to be placed in our online gallery and shared on social media. You can share your work with us either through Instagram  , Facebook or email Jodie.stott@swarthmore.org.uk

If you are sharing on social media don’t forget to tag us and ad the #swarthmoreartclub so we can find your work.


Week 1 Zentangle 04/06/2020

Week 2 Blind Contour Drawing 11/06/2020


We are keeping it simple again this week and doing some Blind Contour Drawing, all you will need is a piece of paper and a pen if you think you may be prone to peek you can also a paper plate over your pen so you can’t see what your drawing.

paper plate

Blind Contour Drawing is really fun and playful it frees you up from perfectionism and its a great way to warm up if you feel like you are stuck with creating Art.

So what is Blind Contour Drawing? Its simple close your eyes get the pen and draw a simple line drawing without looking and without taking your pen off the piece of paper.

Today we have done blind contour drawings of people, dogs and cats, but you can draw anything. You could set up a still life or draw your favourite plant, all you have to do is draw basic lines, don’t look at your paper and don’t take your pen off and see what happens.



We loved the different shapes and lines we created but we thought it might be nice to add a bit of colour or try drawing in coloured pencil.

dog colougirl colour

Enjoy, we can’t wait to see what you create!