Swarthmore helps student set up business to sell art work at craft markets

(Added 30/05/18 )

Patsy Ryan has been a student at Swarthmore since 2012.

Patsy 1

When Patsy joined Swarthmore she was looking for a way to increase her skills level to enable her to sell her work at craft markets. Patsy is a retired lady and needed some way to increase her income.

Patsy had some knowledge of craft skills but needed to develop her own style and increase her understanding of the subjects she chose to do. She has done many classes including Batik, Pottery and Craft mix.

Being able to afford the classes was a major barrier as being a pensioner she does not have a large income.

This is what Swarthmore art classes have enabled Patsy to do:

  • Swarthmore enabled Patsy to come to classes with the reduced retired rate.
  • Patsy has gained her level three in Ceramics
  • She has found her own voice or style
  • She has successfully completed a Craft Business Course on how to run your own business which we recommended to her.
  • She is working on her own website which she learnt to do on the business course.
  • She has successfully had her work on a market stall and her art pieces sold well.
  • She has joined the Jewellery Couse at Swarthmore, branching out with her ideas

Patsy now feels more confident with her work and produces some wonderful pieces. She thoroughly enjoys coming to Swarthmore and meeting other students, sharing ideas and making new friends.







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