Swarthmore’s Century – The book

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Swarthmore's Century

For a hundred years an educational gem has nestled at the heart of Leeds. Thousands of its citizens have entered its doors to educate, express and enjoy themselves. They returned to their homes and communities as potters, writers, painters, political activists or just more personally fulfilled. Swarthmore was founded at the turn of the 20th century in the wave of ethical socialism and revivified Quakerism that swept the West Riding. At first offering a learner’s “home” for those who wanted to make the world a better place – Adult School tutors, religious reformers, teachers and trade unionists, it was a “Place for Friends”. Over the decades it has survived two World Wars and had many faces, a centre for Internationalism through languages, a refuge for the victims of Nazism, a khaki adult school, a vibrant Arts Centre, meeting place for community activists, a second starts for mature learners and increasingly a learning centre for priority groups. Still very much a friendly place, is has made a huge contribution to the meaning of citizenship in Leeds and this is the celebratory history of its fascinating first century.

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