Swarthmore’s Brickwork Restoration Fund

(Added 21/01/19 )

This year Swarthmore celebrates its 110th Anniversary, and we are immensely proud that the Centre continues to be an essential resource for adults in Leeds. However, in order to ensure the Centre remains a viable concern we urgently need all the financial support we can secure to help reach our fundraising target of £46,000, which will allow us to restore and repair the spalling brickwork to the front and rear of our building.

Swarthmore is a beautiful, though quirky, Grade 2 listed building which brings with it many significant challenges and costs in maintaining its upkeep. Sadly the severity of the spalling brickwork is now causing internal damage and we need to take urgent action.

As mentioned the cost of this essential work is £46,000. Regrettably Swarthmore does not have readily accessible funds to cover this cost and we are therefore launching a major fundraising campaign. We are also applying to various trusts for funding and, as a result of one successful application, have managed to secure £5,000.

To generate further funds we are currently in the process of organising a variety of fundraising events at the Centre, and I extend a warm welcome to you in the hope you will be able to join us.  Details of all fundraising activities and events will be publicized here on our website, on social media and around the Centre.

If you are able to make a donation to our Swarthmore Brickwork Restoration Fund we would be extremely grateful.  This can be done in person at reception, by cheque through the post or by PayPal using the link here.  Any donation, no matter how small is extremely valuable to us, will be very gratefully received, and will make a difference. In the event that we do not raise enough money for the repairs to the spalling brickwork, the money raised will go towards our general charitable activities.

Thank you for being a supporter of Swarthmore

With best wishes.


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Joanna Stokes