Information & Advice

Course Information & Advice

Swarthmore provides high-quality information and advice about learning and progression opportunities within the center that helps ensure courses are right for you. We can also refer our students to the National Career Service that supports you in making choices about skills, careers, work and life.

What You can expect from us:

  • Confidential interviews with well trained staff
  • Advisers who can help you find relevant information on training courses or further study
  • Information available from Reception about Swarthmore course
  • Expert advice from tutors on your next steps within Swarthmore

You can access the following information in our reception/café area:

  • Verbal and printed information about Swarthmore courses
  • Book an appointment with our Student Advisor
  • Information about a wide range of local learning and job opportunities
  • Information about local events & activities
  • Local volunteering opportunities

To make an appointment with our Student Advisor:

Please contact reception (0113 243 2210) or fill out our get in touch form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking: