Help with course fees

CPCAB Counselling Courses Level 3 and Level 4 at Swarthmore Education Centre – how to pay for your course.

The fees for the Counselling course are due, in full, before the start of the course. If you are paying your fees yourself payment in full can be made by cash, cheque or credit card at Reception. It is important that all learners have finance in place, at the start of the Counselling course to pay for their fees. If you cannot pay your fees in full at the start of the course there are a number of ways to access funding to help.

It is important to note that the Counselling courses are exempt from Swarthmore’s normal refund policy. If you withdraw from the course part way through you will not be entitled to a refund. If you have any outstanding balances, these must be paid in full.

Swarthmore reserves the right to withhold a student’s certificate if their fees have not been paid in full.

Personal Career Development Loans

PCDL’s are provided by either Barclays or Co-operative bank and sponsored by the Government. A PCDL will be awarded based on your own personal financial circumstances and a credit score and therefore there is no guarantee you will be awarded one.

PCDL’s are interest free whilst ever you are studying. You do not have to start repaying them until one month after you have finished the course. But you can choose to repay it over the duration of your course, in which case you will have effectively have an “interest free loan” for your course fees.

Payments, once you have finished your course, will be charged interest and the term of the loan will be determined by the bank. These payments will normally be via direct debit payments.

The course fees will be paid to Swarthmore in full at the beginning of your course. If you withdraw from the course part way through you will still owe the full amount to the bank.

24+ Advanced Learning Loans

24+ Loans are provided by Student Finance England. They are available to all learners irrespective of your financial circumstances. Swarthmore has been allocated a “budget” for loans available. Therefore, learners are advised that if they are using these to apply as soon as possible.

Interest will be charged from the start of your course. However, you will not start making payments to pay off the loan until you are earning more than £21,000 per year. Therefore it is possible that you may accrue significant interest after you have been studying, before you start making payments.

Once you start earning more that £21,000 per year deductions will be taken from your pay by your employer automatically at a set rate. This will happen automatically, you will not have to do anything.

The course fees will be paid to Swarthmore in instalments over the duration of the course. If you withdraw from the course part way through, Student Finance will stop making payments to Swarthmore. In this case, Swarthmore will contact you direct to pay the outstanding balance.

24+ Loans Factsheet – a short document with some key points.

Frequently asked questions about 24+ Learning Loans

Are you eligible for a 24+ Learning Loan? Use this tool to find out.

When to apply

In either instance, learners are advised to make applications for funding 3 months in advance to ensure that their application is processed before the start of your course.

If your application is delayed or has not been completed by the start date of the course, you should provide Swarthmore with the letter from either the bank or Student Finance as evidence that you have applied and are awaiting an outcome.

Further Advice and Support

If you need impartial money advice you can contact the Money Advice Service. They are an independent service, set up by government to help people make the most of their money. They give free, unbiased money advice to everyone across the UK – online, over the phone and face to face. Individuals thinking about taking out a loan may want help to understand how best to manage their own finances.

Swarthmore cannot provide financial advice to learners with regards to their own personal circumstances. However, should you have any queries in relation to your fees, payments or applications you may contact Phillip Johnson the Finance Manager on 0113 2437981 or