Computing Courses

Please be aware that some course information on the website have incorrect start dates, duration and pricing. We are currently working through these courses and will be updating the correct information as soon as possible.

For information on any of our courses please contact reception on 0113 243 2210

ICT and Software

Swarthmore offers accredited and non accredited courses in computing. You will learn computing in a friendly and supported environment, you will not only learn IT skills but also build confidence and meet new like minded people. IT skills are becoming an essential part of everyday life and Swarthmore gives people a chance to build these skills. Beginner courses cover the basics and include searching the web and emailing. In addition to this there are also computing courses that cover areas such as Web Design, Photoshop Elements and Publisher. Our accredited courses are from Entry Level up to Level 1 ITQ (CLAIT) and Level 2 ITQ  (ECDL).

An accredited course is where students get the chance to achieve E3 and / or L1 ICT qualifications and work towards nationally recognised accreditation.

Computing courses at the centre…

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