English Courses

Swarthmore offers a range of English, Maths and ESOL courses which are designed to improve your confidence and give you the skills you need to get on in life and in employment. Functional skills certificates demonstrate your English and Maths skills and your course can be accredited at any level from Entry to Level 2. You may also be offered other forms of accreditation depending on the course you are following.

The GCSE Maths and English courses are completed in one year.

 INTERVIEW -You need to have an interview prior to joining these classes. You will receive guidance as to the appropriate course for your needs – which will then be subject to the outcome of your assessment.

NB English and Maths courses and exams are FREE for anyone who does not have an English or maths qualification at Level 2. Fees will be charged for re-sit exams.

English & Maths Workshops

English and Maths workshops help you to improve your skills for employment and for everyday living.

You must have an interview before you enrol and then you will have an Initial Assessment and an Individual Learning Plan. The first three weeks are a period of assessment and your placement on an appropriate course will then be confirmed.

In the workshop you will work at your own pace to achieve your certificate of achievement. Accreditation is offered from Entry 1 to Level 2.