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Swarthmore aims to support all members of our community. We now have a Hardship Fund which will support those facing financial hardship to access our courses. Any donation will be gratefully received by the Centre, and will be used solely for the purpose of supporting our students. 

To make a donation by debit or credit card, simply click on the 'Donate with Stripe' tab below where you can choose the amount you wish to donate, or simply donate by PayPal following the link.  

Thank you.

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£5 Donation

A £5 donation will pay for a term of membership for one of our students, support them with bus fares or a lunch in our cafe.

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£10 Donation

A £10 donation could pay for a student to complete their Functional Skills qualification, or pay towards a course/workshop. It may also help with a crisis payment for lunch and bus fares to help them continue to attend the centre.

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£25 Donation

A £25 donation could help support someone to fund a course or workshop with us, or support them to continue to attend.


  • All donations will be used to fund / part fund students at Swarthmore who are facing financial hardship. 

  • Yes. Please click on the Stripe icon above and add any amount you wish to donate.

  • If you are struggling to pay for a course at Swarthmore, we now have a hardship fund to support those in financial difficulty.

    Swarthmore Hardship Fund

    Swarthmore Hardship fund is available to anyone who finds it difficult to self-finance a course at Swarthmore. Our aim is to provide education for all, regardless of financial status, and that education should be accessible for everyone in our community.

    Funds are raised by our students, supporters and through fundraising activities, and we thank all who contribute so generously.

    If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to enrol on one of our courses, please complete our Hardship Application form.

    Examples of financial hardship may be: being a single parent, being from a low income family, having a disability, being a care leaver, having unexpected financial burdens etc. Each application will be considered (on its own merit), and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. Proof of hardship may be required.

    If you would like to donate to our hardship fund and support those in the Leeds Community to access education at the centre, please do so via our donate page – all donations are gratefully received and will be used solely for the purpose of supporting our students

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